Yoru no shanghai   2007   China, Japan The Longest Night in Shanghai
The Longest Night in Shanghai Image Cover
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Director:Yibai Zhang
Studio:Avex Entertainment
Writer:Yuji Yamamura, Yibai Zhang
IMDb Rating:6.7 (407 votes)
Awards:4 wins
Genre:Drama, Comedy
Duration:110 min
Languages:Mandarin, Japanese
Yibai Zhang  ...  (Director)
Yuji Yamamura, Yibai Zhang  ...  (Writer)
Wei Zhao  ...  Lin Xi
Masahiro Motoki  ...  Naoki Mizushima
Dylan Kuo  ...  Dong Dong
Sam Lee  ...  Xiao Shen
Naomi Nishida  ...  Miho Takahashi
Shinobu Otsuka  ...  Rie Hara
Naoto Takenaka  ...  Taro Yamaoka
Takashi Tsukamoto  ...  Ryuichi Kwaguchi
Sôkô Wada  ...  Atsushi Kayama
Li Feng  ...  
Xinyi Zhang  ...  
Ben Niu  ...  
Yibai Zhang  ...  
Tao Yang  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Despite numerous implausibilities in the story line, a romance that doesn't quite sizzle, a little too much time spent on secondary characters, and the fact that most of the film's charm is derived from communication difficulties between the two leads who don't speak each others' language (Chinese/Japanese), I really enjoyed this film. Vicki Zhao is adorable and the photography of Shanghai at night is beautiful.

Summary: Japanese makeup artist Mizushima Naoki (Masahiro Motoki) is in Shanghai on a job. Wandering by himself at night, he takes a knocking from reckless taxi driver Lin Xi (Vicki Zhao Wei), but is luckily unharmed. After some language confusion, Naoki gets into the taxi, mistaking Lin Xi's insistent friendliness as an invitation for a free tour of Shanghai. Little does he know, Lin Xi is planning on taking this well-heeled foreigner on a very roundabout tour of Shanghai, with the meter running. As Naoki's worried colleagues set off in search for him, Lin Xi and Naoki slowly develop a bond that transcends their language gap.

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