Du zi deng dai   2005   China Waiting Alone
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Director:Dayyan Eng
Studio:Colordance Pictures
Writer:Dayyan Eng
IMDb Rating:7.2 (581 votes)
Awards:2 wins & 3 nominations
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Duration:107 min
Dayyan Eng  ...  (Director)
Dayyan Eng  ...  (Writer)
Yu Xia  ...  Chen Wen
Bingbing Li  ...  Liu Rong
Beibi Gong  ...  Li Jing
Qi Gao  ...  Haitao
Chao Wu  ...  San
Yalin Gao  ...  Li Liang
Songyan Tu  ...  Sun Zi
Dayyan Eng  ...  Ian
Lihong Li  ...  Zhang Lin
Xiaopei Song  ...  Liu Na
He Huang  ...  Da Ming
Qing Zhao  ...  Library Guard
Xiaolong Guo  ...  San's Friend
Ting Sun  ...  Leonardo
Xiaoge Feng  ...  Wen's Brother
Toby Oliver  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Baby Gong and Bingbing Li ... if that's not enough, this is a surprisingly good contemporary love story from the mainland. It's hip like we don't usually see from there. Director Dayyan Eng is the first foreigner in the history of the Chinese academy awards to have a film nominated for Best Picture. The story is a familiar one: boy wants girl (Li) out of reach while his best friend (Gong) secretly wants him, but it's played well and Baby Gong is especially worth checking out.

Summary: Set in modern day Bejing, Waiting Alone is a coming-of-age story of Wen (Xia Yu), an antique shop owner and aspiring author who has just met the girl of his dreams. Waiting Alone shows us a China rarely seen in cinema, a China that is contemporary, hip and vibrant.

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