Office yauh gwai   2002   Hong Kong Haunted Office
Haunted Office Image Cover
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Director:Marco Mak
IMDb Rating:5.4 (148 votes)
Duration:89 min
Marco Mak  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Karen Mok  ...  Pat
Qi Shu  ...  Shan
Jordan Chan  ...  Richard
Stephen Fung  ...  Ken
Elena Kong  ...  (as Mei Yee Kong)
Lan Law  ...  
Wai-sheung Lee  ...  
Eva Wong  ...  
King-Tan Yuen  ...  Miss Ba
Wah Wo Wong  ...  Chan Sai-fong
Comments: Do not see this alone ... Truly frightening!

Summary: Three short stories about a series of mysterious deaths in an office building. First story - A new office worker finds out the hard way why no one uses the last stall in the ladies' restroom. Second story - Ken must choose between two girls, one of which may be a ghost. Third Story - Mary is fired the day before her retirement, which means she will lose all her pension. Nonetheless, she is going to make sure that nothing will prevent her from coming back to a place where she has worked for 45 years.

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