2005   Japan, Taiwan, China About Love
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Director:Ten Shimoyama, Chin-yen Yee, Yibai Zhang
Studio:Movie-Eye Entertainment
Writer:Haruko Nagatsu, Wei Shen
IMDb Rating:7.4 (496 votes)
Awards:1 win
Duration:102 min
Location:Tokyo; Taipai; Shanghai
Languages:Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese
Ten Shimoyama, Chin-yen Yee, Yibai Zhang  ...  (Director)
Haruko Nagatsu, Wei Shen  ...  (Writer)
Bo-lin Chen  ...  Yao (segment "Tokyo")
Mavis Fan  ...  A-Su (segment "Taipei")
Yui Ichikawa  ...  Yuka (segment 'Tokyo')
Misaki Ito  ...  Michiko (segment "Tokyo")
Ryo Kase  ...  Tecchan (segment "Taipei")
Lu Lu  ...  Yun (segment "Shanghai") (as Xiaolu Li)
Ren Osugi  ...  Shop owner (segment 'Tokyo')
Takashi Tsukamoto  ...  Shuhei (segment "Shanghai")
Rui Yang  ...  Min
Misaki Itô  ...  Michiko (segment "Tokyo")
Xiaolu Li  ...  Yun (segment "Shanghai")
Ren Ohsugi  ...  Shop owner (segment "Tokyo")
Ryô Kase  ...  Tecchan (segment "Taipei")
Ren Ôsugi  ...  Shop owner (segment "Tokyo")
Hironori Doi  ...  Composer
Summary: Shanghai

* Director: Yibai Zhang
* Writer: Wei Shen
* Cast: Lu Lu - Yun; Takashi Tsukamoto - Shuhei

A young Japanese student lives on the second floor of a general store in Shanghai. The landlady's daughter falls in love with him at first sight, but he is still filled with thoughts of his sweetheart in Japan...


* Director: Chin-yen Yee
* Writer: Chin-yen Yee
* Cast: Mavis Fan - A-Su; Ryo Kase - Tecchan

A newcomer from Japan in Taipei who eagerly hopes for a one-night-stand receives a call from a local girl for help. He speeds to her place only to find that his task is merely to help A-Su assmemble a bookshelf...


* Director: Ten Shimoyama
* Writer: Yuji Yamamura, Haruko Nagatsu
* Cast: Bo-lin Chen - Yao; Yui Ichikawa - Yuka; Misaki Ito - Michiko; Ren Osugi - Shop owner; Rui Yang - Min

A Taiwanese student in Japan yearns to become a successful digital cartoonist. One day he passes by a heartbroken young graphic artist who possesses a quality that intrigues him...

In each vignette, a foreigner and a resident, both in their twenties, try to transgress cultural and language barriers and explore something 'About Love'.

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