Hua chi liao na nu hai   2008   Taiwan Candy Rain
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Director:Hung-i Chen
Studio:Red Society Film
Writer:Hung-i Chen, A.D. Lin
IMDb Rating:5.6 (156 votes)
Duration:106 min
Hung-i Chen  ...  (Director)
Hung-i Chen, A.D. Lin  ...  (Writer)
Yung-yung Chang  ...  U (as Sandrine Pinna)
Cheer Chen  ...  (voice)
Yang-kun Chen  ...  Pon (as Grace Chen)
Belle Hsin  ...  Jessie (as Chia-ying Hsin)
An-an Hsu  ...  Ricky's ex-girlfriend (as Josephine Hsu)
Iling Kao  ...  Summer
Kar Yan Lam  ...  Ricky
Chia-hsin Lu  ...  Ricky's ex-girlfriend
Tzu-yi Mo  ...  Summer's husband
Flora Sun  ...  (as Chen-hwa Chen)
Xinling Wang  ...  Ricky's ex-girlfriend (as Cyndi Wang)
Waa Wei  ...  Lin
Niki Wu  ...  Spancer (as Lichi Wu)
Fisher Yu  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Four tales of life among Taiwan's lesbian community are shared in this omnibus drama. In one story, Spancer (Niki Wu) and Summer (Kao Yi-ling) are lovers, but while Spancer is deeply in love with her partner, Summer is having second thoughts and wants to take a decade off from their romance in order to pursue relationships with men. Karena Lam plays Ricky, a woman who cannot come to terms with her violent nature, and often finds herself beating the women she loves. Jessie has left her long-time boyfriend under bitter circumstances, and after meeting her best-friend from high school, Pon, she learns that her former confidante has strong feelings for her. And a delivery person has a hard time tracking down a woman named "Candy Rain" who is supposed to receive a special package. Hua chile na nuhai (aka Candy Rain) was an official entry at the 2008 Hong Kong Film Festival.

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