Chan mat   2008   Hong Kong Claustrophobia
Claustrophobia Image Cover
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Director:Ivy Ho
Studio:Irresistible Films
Writer:Ivy Ho, Ivy Ho
IMDb Rating:6.6 (214 votes)
Awards:1 win
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:100 min
Ivy Ho  ...  (Director)
Ivy Ho, Ivy Ho  ...  (Writer)
Ekin Cheng  ...  Tom
Kar Yan Lam  ...  Pearl
Ying Kwan Lok  ...  Karl
Kwok Cheung Tsang  ...  John
Chucky Woo  ...  Jewel
Andy Hui Chi-On  ...  Ken
Eric Tsang  ...  Dr. Chiu
Anthony Chue  ...  Composer
Ping Bin Lee  ...  Cinematographer
Chi-Leung Kwong  ...  Editor
Comments: I got absolutely zero payoff from this film. It runs backward in time and gives the impression that something from the past will reveal something new or interesting about the present. Or maybe that's just the way it usually works with this kind of film, but in either case nothing is revealed. Nothing is added to flush out the random slices of life we sit through hoping, waiting, wanting something to spring forth and be interesting or dramatic. I have no idea what the goal of the film is. A girl has a crush on her boss and nothing happens with it. The film looks nice and is shot well but big whoop.

Summary: Love is a virus. It incubates silently. It strikes suddenly. Its favorite breeding ground " small, crowded, claustrophobic spaces such as an office.

Pearl, a marketing executive in her twenties, found herself being drawn closer and closer to Tom, her married-with-kids boss. She has been working for him for quite some time and Tom is ever so gentle and kind. Is this love? Pearl ponders. If so, is the feeling mutual? How and when did a normal working relationship gradually evolve into something romantic? What should she do now? The anxiety is becoming unbearable...

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