2006   Hong Kong Ming Ming
Ming Ming Image Cover
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Director:Susie Au
Studio:Fable Films
Writer:Susie Au, Angela Lau
IMDb Rating:4.4 (291 votes)
Genre:Action, Mystery, Romance
Duration:105 min
Susie Au  ...  (Director)
Susie Au, Angela Lau  ...  (Writer)
Xun Zhou  ...  Ming Ming / Nana
Daniel Wu  ...  D
Tony Yang  ...  Tu
Xin-zhe Zhang  ...  Cat
Bo-yuan Chan  ...  Mousey
Kristy Yang  ...  Zhang Yu
Xin Huang  ...  
Fisher Yu  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: This should really be called Nana (instead of Ming Ming) because that's the name of one of the two characters Zhou Xun plays; the one who has the orange hair, quite a bit more screen time, and a better story line if you could separate them. This is NOT a martial arts film unless you consider flinging marbles and flicking matches at people martial arts. I thought it was silly. Director Susie Au obviously comes from a music video background. I found the random quick and quirky edits tiring, although they did set up the actors with wonderfully posed portraits throughout. Daniel Wu has an awesome hairdo if you go for that kind of thing. Zhou Xun's Cantonese is quite fetching and ordinarily I could watch her all day long. She's one of the more engaging actresses from China. (See her in "The Equation of Love and Death" or "Painted Skin") It's too bad that the director's heavy-handed style gets in the way of enjoying this film where identity is an ambiguous thing.

Summary: Ming Ming is a 21st Century martial arts princess and lady Robin Hood who steals for love. Her Prince Charming is D, a maverick fighter and irresistible rogue who posted this challenge to his swarms of female admirers - give him 5 million dollars and he'll run away with his benefactress to Harbin. Ming Ming meets D's another girlfriend Nana, who is a virtual look-alike of Ming Ming. Meanwhile, disappears from Shanghai without a trace. The only clue he leaves behind is a cryptic phone message.

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