2008   Taiwan, Hong Kong Miao Miao
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Director:Hsiao-tse Cheng
Studio:Block 2 Pictures
Writer:Hsiao-tse Cheng, Yi-fen Tsai
IMDb Rating:6.7 (263 votes)
Awards:2 nominations
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Duration:83 min
Hsiao-tse Cheng  ...  (Director)
Hsiao-tse Cheng, Yi-fen Tsai  ...  (Writer)
Yung-yung Chang  ...  Xiao Ai
Wing Fan  ...  Chen Fei
Jia-yan Ke  ...  Miao Miao
Chia-yen Ko  ...  Miao Miao
Pung-Leung Kwan  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: The guy is a little too brooding for my taste but I guess that works for some folks. Both of the girls are very cute and their story plays out gently without teasing to promise more than it's going to deliver. I love the reveal at the end from the Japanese girl. I thought she was oblivious to being loved.

Summary: Director Cheng Hsiao-Tse makes a solid debut with Miao Miao, telling the age-old story of two girls and their innocent discoveries with first love. High school student Miao Miao (Ke Jia-Yan) is Chinese but was raised in Japan, and has transferred to Taipei for one special school year. Her quiet demeanor and awkward prettiness make her immediately attractive to classmates and strangers, but it's the sassy Xiao-Ai (Sandrine Pinna) who cracks her shell. The two become fast friends, palling around after school and in class, where Miao Miao's baking skills make her a hit with her classmates. For Miao Miao and Xiao-Ai, it seems that life is innocent, idyllic and pretty darn swell.

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