Oi ching ku see   2009   Hong Kong Basic Love
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Director:Oxide Pang Chun
Studio:Universe Entertainment
Writer:Oxide Pang Chun
IMDb Rating:4.8 (66 votes)
Duration:106 min
Oxide Pang Chun  ...  (Director)
Oxide Pang Chun  ...  (Writer)
Elanne Kwong  ...  Ling
Rex Ho  ...  Rex (as Chun-wai Ho)
Janice Man  ...  Siu Chun
Pei-pei Cheng  ...  Ling's grandma
Chun-sing Chiu  ...  (as Gary Chiu)
Seung-him Ho  ...  (as James Ho)
Pak-wun Lee  ...  (as Brian Lee)
Jones Xu  ...  
Puccini Yu  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: This has to be Oxide Pang fulfilling some contract with a film company, or something. It's not insulting or poorly done. I actually enjoyed the characters in spite of the story. The three little teeny-bop teen idols are ok, and they're cute enough, but it all adds up to a great big "so what?" Just like "All About Love", it's a exercise in making a film about how a guy can have both chicks. One has to die, of course.

Summary: Basic Love by Oxide Pang, wistfully follows the changing relationship among three friends as they navigate the joys and heartaches of youth, love, and friendship. Singer-actress Elanne Kwong (New Police Story), model-turned-actress Janice Man (Lingerie), and newcomer Rex Ho from boy band Square star as high school best friends Ling, June, and Rex. Quiet and reticent June holds a torch for Rex, but he only has eyes for Ling - who’s hiding a devastating secret of her own behind her bright and chatty exterior.

For those who enjoy your romantic tear-jerker fluff.

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