Zhe er shi xiang ge li la   2009   Taiwan Finding Shangri-la
Finding Shangri-la Image Cover
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Director:Ismene Ting
Studio:Performance Workshop Films
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:106 min
Languages:Mandarin, Taiwanese
Ismene Ting  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Zhu Zhi-Ying  ...  
Chung-tien Wu  ...  
Teresa Cheung  ...  
Summary: Ji Ling lives with her husband in Taibei, Taiwan. After a crash that killed their young child, Ji Ling is overcome with grief. Not able to forgive the couple who were driving the other car and even more frustrated with her husband’s apparent lack of emotion, she flees to Shangri-la. While traveling, she encounters a young man named Alex who insists on accompanying her as a tour guide. They become close as they travel together but Ji Ling, upon discovering the young man's secret, feels betrayed and continues on her own. On her way to the holy Meili Snow Mountain she meets more disaster. During the long journey in Shangri-la, Ji Ling finds her own way to face the death of her child.

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