Wo ai ni   2003   China I Love You
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Director:Yuan Zhang
Writer:Shuo Wang, Xia Wei, Yuan Zhang
IMDb Rating:6.9 (151 votes)
Duration:97 min
Yuan Zhang  ...  (Director)
Shuo Wang, Xia Wei, Yuan Zhang  ...  (Writer)
Jinglei Xu  ...  
Tong Dawei  ...  
Peng Du  ...  
Juan Pan  ...  
Xuebing Wang  ...  
Jian Zhang  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Du Xiaoju and Wang Yi (Xu Jinglei and Tong Dawei) are two twenty-somethings living in contemporary Beijing. As the film opens, Xiaoju is about to be married to one of Yi's friends but tragedy strikes when her fiance accidentally drowns in a swimming pool shortly before the wedding. Devastated, Xiaoju becomes increasingly close to Wang Yi. The two fall in love and marry.

The honeymoon period between Xiaoju and Yi proves short, however, as Xiaoju begins to exhibit increasingly unbalanced behavior. She teases her husband about harboring a crush on her former roommate (Pan Juan), and interrogates him on his former partners. Soon the teasing erupts into public rows, much to the consternation of their friend Pan Youjun (Du Peng). As Xiaoju becomes convinced that her husband no longer loves her, her behavior become erratic and obsessive, and ultimately dangerous.

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