Yu guanyin   2003   China Goddess of Mercy
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Director:Ann Hui
Studio:Century Hero Film Investment Company
Writer:Ivy Ho, Hai Yan
IMDb Rating:6.4 (300 votes)
Awards:2 wins & 2 nominations
Genre:Action, Crime, Romance
Duration:110 min
Ann Hui  ...  (Director)
Ivy Ho, Hai Yan  ...  (Writer)
Wei Zhao  ...  An Xin
Nicholas Tse  ...  Maojie
Yunlong Liu  ...  Yang Rui
Jianbin Chen  ...  Tienjun
Haiying Sun  ...  Mr. Pan
Yanjun Bi  ...  Yang's father
Abao Chen  ...  Tiejun's mother
Yangyang Dong  ...  Xiao Xiong (Baby)
Qiang Fu  ...  Mao's father
Zhilan Gao  ...  Mao's mother
Jiantao Hong  ...  Liu Minghao
Guanghou Liu  ...  Lao Qian
Zhu Lun  ...  Xiao Kang
Li Niu  ...  Zhong Ning
Gejie Renboqie  ...  
Jiatong Su  ...  Xiao Xiong (An Xin' son)
Jinglin Tang  ...  Mao Fang
Pung-Leung Kwan  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Not the worst movie I've seen, but easily one of the most poorly constructed. There *is* an intriguing story buried beneath everything but you have to keep reminding yourself what it is while you wonder why it's not being told very well. It's not a nice looking film either. Zhao Wei has never looked more lost and out of place. The scenes of her fighting off armed criminals while holding her baby in one hand would have been funny if they weren't so disgusting. The fact that it looked completely phony doesn't redeem anything. The scenes of warfare-like gun play that are just plopped in from time to time look like they were lifted from a middle-schooler's Super 8 film project.

I knew in the first fifteen minutes this thing was a mess but I kept the faith, and while it hinted at getting on track from time to time it just kept failing. Someone brought a bucket full of story-boarded scenes to the party but neglected to introduce them to Mr. Story.

You can't just claim that because this isn't run-of-the-mill Hollywood fare that it deserves respect. Good film makers (Ann Hui is one of them) can fail too.

Summary: The film has been made after a popular novel that is devoted to the everyday work of a drug police team. The protagonist is a courageous police woman whose relations with three men in her life make up the plot of the film. She is always faced with a difficult choice between sentiments and duty, law and her own understanding of what is just and fair.

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