Tai Yang Hua   2001   China Sun Plant
Sun Plant Image Cover
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Director:Yang Zhang
Studio:Tianma Film Studio
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:29 min
Yang Zhang  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Xia Yu  ...  
Li Bingbing  ...  
Summary: A short film by the aspiring Chinese director Zhang Yang, multiple winner of Silver Shell for Best Director at San Sebastian Festival for Quitting and Sun Flower, and also the champion of a few more international awards. In the short film Sun Plant, he teams up with Venice Film Festival Best Actor Xia Yu (In the Heat of the Sun also by Zhang Yang, Dragon Squad) and gorgeous beauty Li Bingbing to offer a romantic story. Zhang Yang made this short film in 2001 to promote a video competition, and the piece turns out to have plenty of ups and downs despite its short length.

A Beijing girl (Li Bingbing - The Forbidden Kingdom, The Knot) sells flowers in front of the church everyday. A guy (Xia Yu) works at the photographer's shop just across the street. Everyday his camera focuses at the pretty girl. He records whatever she does during the day and revisits her charm at night. One day, a bank robbery happens in the locality, and this guy sees something he should not have seen in his tape...

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