Se, jie   2007   China Lust, Caution
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Director:Ang Lee
Studio:Universal Studios
Writer:Eileen Chang, James Schamus, Hui-Ling Wang
IMDb Rating:7.6 (17,696 votes)
Awards:Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 12 wins & 23 nominations
Duration:159 min
Languages:Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japanese, Shanghainese
Ang Lee  ...  (Director)
Eileen Chang, James Schamus, Hui-Ling Wang  ...  (Writer)
Tony Leung Chiu Wai  ...  Mr. Yee
Wei Tang  ...  Wong Chia Chi
Joan Chen  ...  Mrs. Yee
Lee-Hom Wang  ...  Kuang Yu Min
Chung Hua Tou  ...  Old Wu
Chih-ying Chu  ...  Lai Shu Jin
Ying-hsien Kao  ...  Huang Lei
Yue-Lin Ko  ...  Liang Jun Sheng
Johnson Yuen  ...  Auyang Ling Wen / Mr. Mak
Kar Lok Chin  ...  Tsao
Su Yan  ...  Ma Tai Tai
Caifei He  ...  Hsiao Tai Tai
Ruhui Song  ...  Wang's Aunt
Anupam Kher  ...  Khalid Saiduddin
Liu Jie  ...  Leung Tai Tai
Yan Su  ...  Ma Tai Tai
Saifei He  ...  Hsiao Tai Tai
Jie Liu  ...  Leung Tai Tai
Rodrigo Prieto  ...  Cinematographer
Leehom Wang  ...  Kuang Yu Min
Lawrence Ko  ...  Liang Jun Sheng
Alexandre Desplat  ...  Composer
Tim Squyres  ...  Editor
Comments: I don't care about Ang Lee's attitude towards women or whether or not this film betrays those feelings. This is a great movie. This is mainstream cinema at its best. Sex is the new violence in film. Set against a WWII backdrop and the Japanese occupation of China. It's got everything!

One of the sexiest, confident and accomplished film debuts by an actress I've seen ... Wei Tang.

Summary: Frustrated in his attempts to assassinate Yee, who is an important official in Japanese-ruled Shanghai, Old Wu, who has lost his wife and two sons as well as two women who had attempted to seduce Yee, now recruits Kuang, Mai Tai Tai, and their troupe of drama students from Hong Kong University in yet another attempt to do away with Yee. Mai Tai Tai is chosen to befriend Yee, which she does by posing as the wife of Mak, befriending Yee's wife and her female friends, and then eventually befriending Yee himself. Even though both get together, they do end up going separate ways, only to meet again four years later. This time Mai is all set to entrap Yee at Chandni Chowk Jewellers which is owned by an East Indian man named Khalid Saiduddin. The question does remain: Will she and her troupe succeed?

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