2008   China Mt Huangshan
Mt Huangshan Image Cover
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Duration:52 min
Location:China: Anhui province
Summary: Mount Huangshan in the Anhui Province of China was inscribed to the World Heritage list for its magnificent landscape and significant contribution to Chinese art and culture. Mount Huangshan, or “Yellow Mountain”, is named after a legendary Chinese sovereign Huang Di, also known as the Yellow Emperor. It is said that he became a hermit on this mountain and searched for enlightenment and immortality. These stone steps took over 1500 years to build. There are said to be more than 60,000 in total. They are called “the Hundred steps into the clouds” Mount Huangshan is the name for a 72 peak mountain range. Its grandeur and its rocks became the source of legend. Lianhua Peak is the highest in the region. This small rock on top of the peak is known as “Monkey Rock”, owing to the legend of a monkey who fell in love with a girl from a village at the foot of the mountain. Pine trees protruding from the rock crevices are the local Huangshan pine.

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