Chung Hing sam lam   1994   Hong Kong Chungking Express
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Director:Kar Wai Wong
Writer:Kar Wai Wong
IMDb Rating:8.0 (19,791 votes)
Awards:7 wins & 9 nominations
Duration:102 min
Kar Wai Wong  ...  (Director)
Kar Wai Wong  ...  (Writer)
Brigitte Lin  ...  Woman in blonde wig
Tony Leung Chiu Wai  ...  Cop 663
Faye Wong  ...  Faye
Takeshi Kaneshiro  ...  He Zhiwu, Cop 223
Valerie Chow  ...  Air Hostess
Chen Jinquan  ...  Manager of 'Midnight Express'
Lee-na Kwan  ...  Richard
Zhiming Huang  ...  Man
Liang Zhen  ...  The 2nd May
Songshen Zuo  ...  Man
Frankie Chan  ...  Composer
Michael Galasso  ...  Composer
Roel A. García  ...  Composer
Christopher Doyle  ...  Cinematographer
Wai-keung Lau  ...  Cinematographer
William Chang  ...  Editor
Kit-Wai Kai  ...  Editor
Chi-Leung Kwong  ...  Editor
Comments: This is Wong Kar Wai at his best: a beautiful, creatively shot film about chance encounters, fleeting relationships and awkward infatuation. Everyone will appreciate that aspect of it.

I felt a little cheated by this film, however. It comprises two unrelated stories; the first one gets you interested in the characters and their developing story and then it just ends, but we are lead to believe that it has not ended because the second story takes place in the same environment as the first. It's just that the characters from the first story never come back to finish up their tale. Maybe that is the point. Maybe it's done well. But it still felt unfair. The second story was much better, although a little confusing with some rather implausible story ideas that might not have seemed so implausible if the script were a little more clear ... but that's chicken and egg stuff. We do get to know the characters quite a bit more in the second story—they are better actors too, and their characters more accessible

Summary: Tasty take-out isn't the only thing served hot at this little fast food place -- the lives and loves of its colorful customers also criss-cross over the counter! From a lovesick cop and a mysterious blonde to a free-spirited girl pursuing a secret love, spicy romance is the specialty of the house! For deliciously crowd-pleasing romance and fun, CHUNGKING EXPRESS delivers!

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