Mai tian   2009   China, Hong Kong Wheat
Wheat Image Cover
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Director:Ping He
Studio:Beijing Classic Culture
Writer:Ping He
IMDb Rating:5.8 (205 votes)
Awards:3 nominations
Genre:Action, Drama, History
Duration:108 min
Ping He  ...  (Director)
Ping He  ...  (Writer)
Bingbing Fan  ...  Li
Jue Huang  ...  Xia
Jiayi Du  ...  Zhe
Xueqi Wang  ...  Ju-cong Da Ren
Zhiwen Wang  ...  Chong
Ji Wang  ...  Ji Si Po
Ge Li  ...  Female chef
Guitian Sun  ...  Old woman
Jiajia Wang  ...  Yan'er
Xiaoshi Zhao  ...  Cinematographer
Su Ying Huang  ...  Old woman
Shuyuan Jin  ...  Old woman
Yaqin Jin  ...  Old woman
Comments: Way too self-important, I thought. Too much old-school over-acting at a snail's pace. The goofy guy was a major irritant. I admit to fast-forwarding through a lot of this and it still felt way too long.

Summary: Chinese director He Ping ( "Warriors of Heaven and Earth" ) presents "Wheat," a high-profile historical action drama about the women left behind when their men have gone off to war -- and the lies they are told to keep them from knowing the awful truth. Set during the Warring States period, the film is divided into five sections corresponding to the Chinese system of elements: gold, wood, water, fire and earth.

The film stars Fan Bingbing, Wang Jue and Wang Zhiwen, and was produced on a budget of $6 million by Xian Film Studio, Beijing Polybona and his own company Beijing Classic Culture, a hefty sum by Chinese standards.

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