2009   Taiwan Yang Yang
Yang Yang Image Cover
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Director:Yu-Chieh Cheng
Studio:Zeus International Production
Writer:Yu-Chieh Cheng
IMDb Rating:6.8 (156 votes)
Awards:8 nominations
Duration:112 min
Languages:Mandarin, French
Yu-Chieh Cheng  ...  (Director)
Yu-Chieh Cheng  ...  (Writer)
Yung-yung Chang  ...  Yang Yang
Bryant Chang  ...  Shawn
Sy-huoy Her  ...  
Jian-wei Huang  ...  Ming-Ren
Khan Lee  ...  Mr. Wu
Giong Lim  ...  Composer
Jake Pollock  ...  Cinematographer
Yue-Xing Liu  ...  Editor
Summary: Yang-yang is a French-Chinese mix. She has never seen her French father. She does not speak a single French word. Her mum has re-married but she has been very lonely. She started working at the entertainment industry. The fact that she is a mix is a good selling point. The film depicts how Yang-yang dealt with her life, her relationships with men, with her mother and friends.

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