2009   Germany, Taiwan Ghosted
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Director:Monika Treut
Studio:Hyena Films
Writer:Astrid Ströher, Monika Treut
IMDb Rating:5.0 (159 votes)
Duration:89 min
Languages:English, German, Mandarin
Monika Treut  ...  (Director)
Astrid Ströher, Monika Treut  ...  (Writer)
Inga Busch  ...  Sophie Schmitt
Huan-Ru Ke  ...  Ai-ling Chen
Ting Ting Hu  ...  Mei Li (as Ting-Ting Hu)
Jana Schulz  ...  Katrin Bendersen
Marek Harloff  ...  Leon
Jack Kao  ...  Chen Fu
Yi-Ching Lu  ...  Ya-ching
Kevin Shih Hung Chen  ...  Patrick (as Kevin Chen)
Nick Dong-Sik  ...  Herr Lee
Bernd Meiners  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: A mysterious love story between Hamburg and Taipeh. The unsolved murder of her young Taiwanese lover Ai-ling leaves the Hamburg artist Sophie Schmitt completely disoriented. She dedicates a video-installation to her and shows it in Taipei. During the opening she is approached by a mysterious journalist. Sophie is fascinated at first glance by Mei-li, the young journalist. Mei-li takes her to visit the famous Taipei night markets and tries to seduce the artist. Sophie, still mourning her lost lover, rejects Mei-li and returns immediately to Hamburg. Shortly afterwords Mei-li shows up on her doorstep, unannounced. Sophie takes her in and finally falls for her. But soon she realizes that her new lover is secretly investigating Ai-ling's death. Strange happenings occur, sudden flashes of recollection come and go, and then Sophie finds out that there is no Mei-Li working for a Taiwanese newspaper and that no one by that name ever entered Germany. Who is the mysterious Taiwanese woman?

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