Kwan yan chut si   2009   Hong Kong Seven 2 One
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Director:Danny Pang
Studio:Universe Entertainment
Writer:Danny Pang, Thomas Pang
IMDb Rating:5.3 (93 votes)
Genre:Drama, Crime, Thriller
Duration:85 min
Danny Pang  ...  (Director)
Danny Pang, Thomas Pang  ...  (Writer)
Chor-kiu Chan  ...  Carolyn (as Carolyn Chan)
Pak-ho Chau  ...  Pak-ho
Yung Cheng  ...  Yung
Leo Chim  ...  Leo
Chun-sing Chiu  ...  Gary
Wylie Chiu  ...  Wylie
Chrissie Chow  ...  Chrissie
Terence Chui  ...  Gut
Seung-him Ho  ...  Orange
Katy Kung  ...  Katy
Elanne Kwong  ...  Ling
William Chan Wai-Ting  ...  William
Jones Xu  ...  Cheng-hei
Chi Ying Chan  ...  Cinematographer
Siu-Fai Cheung  ...  
Mimi Chi Yan Kung  ...  
Comments: This film serves as a handy little reference as it gathers together in one film a handful of young Cantonese pop idols who all suck at acting. It also serves as a reminder that, aside from "In Love with the Dead" (which is quite good), Danny Pang sucks as a film director without his twin brother Oxide helping him.

Summary: Director Danny Pang's Seven 2 One earned some buzz prior to release - though not for entirely positive reasons. Six members of the film's young cast also appeared in Herman Yau's Split Second Murders, which was shot after but released before Seven 2 One, with Seven's producers claiming that Murders ripped off their film's ending. In another controversy, the poster for Seven 2 One took its inspiration from the 2008 Hollywood thriller Vantage Point, with the image concept constituting a direct swipe. With all these accusations of "who copied who" flying around, does anyone remember that there's an actual movie to discuss? Hopefully they do, because Seven 2 One is a slick, if unsubstantial thriller that consistently entertains.
Seven 2 One's English language title refers to its seven separate stories, and how they ultimately converge into a single event: a convenience store robbery. After beginning, the film moves quickly to the robbery, where a masked thief demands the store's cash from the counter girl (Chrissie Chau) before getting into a fight with a loan shark (William Chan). While the counter girl and two customers (Carolyn Chan and Wylie Chiu) witness the event, the loan shark is stabbed and the thief flees.

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