Kong que   2005   China Peacock
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Director:Changwei Gu
Studio:Asian Union Film & Entertainment
Writer:Qiang Li
IMDb Rating:7.5 (615 votes)
Awards:8 wins & 4 nominations
Duration:144 min
Location:China: Anyang, Henan; Beijing
Changwei Gu  ...  (Director)
Qiang Li  ...  (Writer)
Jingchu Zhang  ...  Sister
Li Feng  ...  Older brother
Yulai Lu  ...  Younger Brother
Meiying Huang  ...  Mother
Yiwei Zhao  ...  Father
Wenying Li  ...  Younger brother's deskmate
Changwei Gu  ...  Blind man
Lei Liu  ...  Guo Zi
Lan Wang  ...  Jin Zhi
Ping Zong  ...  Chinese teacher Wang
Jing An  ...  
Liu Guonan  ...  
Shi Junhui  ...  
Xiao Wei Yu  ...  
Peng Dou  ...  Composer
Shu Yang  ...  Cinematographer
Liu Sha  ...  Editor
Lui Sha  ...  Editor
Yan Tao  ...  Editor
Summary: The story is set in the 1970s in a small town in China. A middle aged couple has three children. The eldest son is obese and mentally challenged, therefore he is teased and outcasted by others. The second child is an outgoing and energetic daughter, who is not afraid of doing anything to pursue her dreams or to survive. The youngest child is a shy and quiet boy who is ashamed by his older brother and tries to break away from the misery in his family. Breaking into three sections focusing on each of these siblings, the film allows us to look into the lives of ordinary Chinese people the 70s.

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