Saam gaang yi   2004   Hong Kong Three... Extremes
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Director:Fruit Chan, Takashi Miike, Chan-wook Park
Studio:Lions Gate
Writer:Haruko Fukushima, Lilian Lee
IMDb Rating:7.1 (7,421 votes)
Awards:4 wins & 8 nominations
Genre:Horror Gore
Duration:125 min
Fruit Chan, Takashi Miike, Chan-wook Park  ...  (Director)
Haruko Fukushima, Lilian Lee  ...  (Writer)
Bai Ling  ...  Mei (segment "Dumplings")
Pauline Lau  ...  Li's Maid (segment "Dumplings")
Tony Leung Ka Fai  ...  Lee (segment "Dumplings")
Meme Tian  ...  Connie (segment "Dumplings") (as Meme)
Miriam Yeung Chin Wah  ...  Ching (segment "Dumplings")
Sum-Yeung Wong  ...  Old Hairdresser (segment "Dumplings")
Kam-Mui Fung  ...  Vomiting Woman (segment "Dumplings")
Wai-Man Wu  ...  Nurse (segment "Dumplings")
Chak-Man Ho  ...  Wang (segment "Dumplings")
Miki Yeung  ...  Kate (segment "Dumplings")
So-Fun Wong  ...  Kate's Mother (segment "Dumplings")
Kai-Piu Yau  ...  Gynaecologist (segment "Dumplings")
Byung-hun Lee  ...  Director (segment "Cut")
Won-hie Lim  ...  Stranger (segment "Cut") (as Won-Hee Lim)
Hye-jeong Kang  ...  Director's Wife (segment "Cut")
Bok-sung-a  ...  Composer
Kwong Wing Chan  ...  Composer
Kôji Endô  ...  Composer
Yeong-gyu Jang  ...  Composer
Byung-hoon Lee  ...  Composer
Chung-hoon Chung  ...  Cinematographer
Christopher Doyle  ...  Cinematographer
Kôichi Kawakami  ...  Cinematographer
Fruit Chan  ...  Editor
Jae-beom Kim  ...  Editor
Sang-beom Kim  ...  Editor
Yasushi Shimamura  ...  Editor
Comments: When two just ain't enough!

Summary: Dumplings
A former TV star (Miriam Yeung) is still attractive, but no longer acting. Her husband goes on long trips without her and doesn't even bother with alibis. She turns to a woman (Bai Ling) she has heard about -- a perky, cheerful type who works out of a small apartment in a high rise. This woman cooks and serves dumplings. "How old do I look to you?" she asks her client. The actress guesses -- oh, about 30. I would have said even younger. The cook says she's a lot older than that.

The secret is in her dumplings. The actress pays for an order, looks at them dubiously, eats them, comes back for more. She thinks she looks better. I

A reclusive, guilt-ridden writer with a stunned relationship to her publisher remembers the horrible death of her twin sister, whose presence begins to be felt in the real world.

The Cut
A famous director and his pianist wife are held hostage by a disgruntled extra in a rigged film set where the director must strangle a little girl or watch as his wife loses her fingers.

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