Kong Zi   2010   China Confucius
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Director:Mei Hu
Studio:Beijing Dadi Century Limited
Writer:Khan Chan, Qitao Jiang, Yanjiang He, Mei Hu
IMDb Rating:6.0 (1,377 votes)
Awards:1 win & 3 nominations
Genre:Biography, Drama
Duration:120 min
Mei Hu  ...  (Director)
Khan Chan, Qitao Jiang, Yanjiang He, Mei Hu  ...  (Writer)
Yun-Fat Chow  ...  Confucius
Xun Zhou  ...  Nanzi
Yi Lu  ...  Ji Sunfei
Jianbin Chen  ...  Ji Sunsi
Lu Yao  ...  Lu Jun
Quan Ren  ...  Yan Hui
Ran Chen  ...  
Kaili Zhang  ...  
Zhenyu Qiao  ...  Son of Confucius
Huang Jiao  ...  
Ban Wang  ...  Shu Sunwu
Jiping Zhao  ...  Composer
Peter Pau  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: I don't like Chow Yun-Fat but I watch Zhou Xun at every opportunity. Surprise! Chow's pretty good in this, but Zhou gets all of about 10 minutes screen time and it sure seemed like her story arc was censored late in the game. Bummer. I was very happy with this from an historical/educational perspective, and the fact that it played out like a drama as much, if not more than, an historical biopic.

Summary: This movie tells about Confucius' transformation from an ordinary bookkeeper to a philosopher and a sage. It follows his long journey around small kingdoms in northern China preaching his beliefs, and his 72 disciples.

In the age of warring Chinese states, during which countless wars were waged to unify kingdoms, the King of Lu gets help from highly influential philosopher Confucius to regain his power. Confucius uses his intelligence and charisma to save the state of Lu from inner conflict and perpetual war. However, the political powerhouses of the state start to feel threatened by the philosopher, fearing that they may lose their control over the puppet king. Confucius goes willingly into exile, wandering from state to state without losing his ideals for peace and harmony.

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