Xiari nuanyangyang   2000   China I Love Beijing
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Director:Ying Ning
Studio:Eurasia Communications
Writer:Dai Ning, Ying Ning
IMDb Rating:7.5 (132 votes)
Awards:1 win
Duration:97 min
Ying Ning  ...  (Director)
Dai Ning, Ying Ning  ...  (Writer)
Yu Lei  ...  Desi
Zuo Baitao  ...  
Höng Tao  ...  
Yi Gai  ...  
Miao Liu  ...  
Fei Gao  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Good intentions on the theme of changing Chinese culture but it never ramps up to engrossing on a personal level. Maybe the acting, maybe the script or direction. I dunno. The film stays in sleepy mode without being dreamy.

Summary: Filmmaker Ning Ying returns to her favorite theme -- the gradual decay of traditional Chinese values and culture at the dawn of the 21st century -- in this low-key drama. Desi (Yu Lei) is a cab driver who has recently broken up with his wife. Lonely, Desi is searching for a new love, and as he drifts through Beijing in search of fares and a girlfriend, he sees a city that is increasingly bending to the influence of the West, with traditional pastimes and customs forced to make way for the onslaught of the free-market economy. Xiari Nuanyangyang has been screened on the international film festival circuit in two different versions; the cut shown at the 2001 Rotterdam Film Festival ran 99 minutes, while the film was only 79 minutes when it appeared at the Berlin Film Festival that same year.

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