Lie yan   2010   Taiwan Zoom Hunting
Zoom Hunting Image Cover
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Director:Cho Li
Studio:Ocean Deep Films (TW)
Writer:Cho Li, Kelly Yuan-Ling Yang
IMDb Rating:3.8 (44 votes)
Genre:Drama, Mystery
Duration:86 min
Cho Li  ...  (Director)
Cho Li, Kelly Yuan-Ling Yang  ...  (Writer)
Chun-Ning Chang  ...  Yang Ruyi
Zhu Zhi-Ying  ...  Yang Ruxing
Sheng-hao Wen  ...  Cheating Man
Heng-yin Chuo  ...  Cheating Woman
Michelle Krusiec  ...  Cheating Man's Wife
Shih-chieh Chin  ...  Doorman
Jack Kao  ...  Editor
Jian-wei Huang  ...  Police
Jeffrey Cheng  ...  Composer
Pung-Leung Kwan  ...  Cinematographer
Ka-Fai Cheung  ...  Editor
Comments: Too Hollywood. Poor script. I wonder why Taiwan fails to make very many good movies.

Summary: Taipei, the present day. Fashion photographer Yang Ru-yi, 32, shares an upstairs flat with her sister, crime novelist Yang Ru-xing, 33, in a quiet neighbourhood. By chance, Ru-yi snaps an apartement window opposite, where a man and a woman are making love. Intrigued, Ru-yi does some detective work and discovers they're both married and having an affaire. Ru-xing, who has writer's block and is behind deadline on her latest book, uses Ru-yi's pictures for inspiration, incorporating the story into her novel, Zoom Hunting. But when Ru-yi later thinks the man has been murdered after a lovers' quarrel, she suspects her sister may be involved in the drama.

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