Xia tian de wei ba   2007   Taiwan Summer's Tail
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Director:Wen-Tang Cheng
Studio:Green Light Film
Writer:Enno Cheng, Wen-Tang Cheng, Fu-wha Jan
IMDb Rating:6.6 (124 votes)
Duration:98 min
Wen-Tang Cheng  ...  (Director)
Enno Cheng, Wen-Tang Cheng, Fu-wha Jan  ...  (Writer)
Bryant Chang  ...  Jimmy Chan
Tatsuo Dean Fujioka  ...  Akira Fuwa (as Dean Fujioka)
Enno Cheng  ...  Yvette Chang (as Enno Cheng)
Han Lin  ...  Wendy Lin (as Hannah Lin)
Huan-Ju Ko  ...  Xiu I-Wei (as Christine Ke)
Yi-Ching Lu  ...  Yvette's mother
Ying-Lin Chang  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: All surface, it plays like a typical after-school special with C-list actors. Yes, it's "Everyday living" where "Nothing happens" but it doesn't go beyond that. The film's few plot points are left unresolved or undeveloped in any thoughtful way. I didn't think the lead actress had the juice to carry a film and, purely subjectively, I had to mute the film every time she sang. What were they thinking? A fluff piece vehicle brought down by the lead actress who, I only learned after watching "Tears", turns out to be the director's daughter, and wrote the script for this movie.

Summary: Four students - Ah Yue, passionate about music but temporarily relieved of his sport due to heart disease, his best Wen Li, Yi Jun who has publicly announced his feelings for her teacher, causing his dismissal from school, and Akira is devoted football, spent the last days of summer. These 4 lycéeens not an easy life learn to mature, between passion, music, friendship, love ...

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