Mi Cheng   2010   China Distant Thunder
Distant Thunder Image Cover
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Director:Jiarui Zhang
Studio:Beijing Ruitang Film and Video Culture
IMDb Rating:3.4 (10 votes)
Genre:Horror, Thriller, Suspense
Duration:97 min
Jiarui Zhang  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Siyan Huo  ...  
Ge Siran  ...  
Guo Xiaoran  ...  
Comments: Kind of interesting to think about what Zhang Jiarui is exploring here in this drama about regular class people which focuses on one young man's fear, guilt and trauma, but the regular class level of acting that fuels it is distracting. Slow, a little weird, but maybe a bit too 'big whoop' once it unfolds.

Summary: Zhao Po, a poor university student, had a crush on Yin Qi, a beautiful and smart university girl from a rich family. Zhao Po dared not to express himself for discrepancies in status. Later, he accidently got to know Gan Xiu, a girl working in hair salon. They gradually feel the love for each other. Soon, during an outing organized by people from the same hometown, Zhao Po witnessed that Gan Xiu was insulted and mysteriously disappeared.

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