Jie Jiao De Xiao Wan   2010   Taiwan In Case of Love
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Director:Gavin Lin
Studio:Atom Cinema
Writer:Ming-xia Wang, Xiaoqian Lin
IMDb Rating:3.5 (12 votes)
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:77 min
Gavin Lin  ...  (Director)
Ming-xia Wang, Xiaoqian Lin  ...  (Writer)
Haden Kuo  ...  
Chris Lee  ...  
Tony Yang  ...  
Zi-Shan Yang  ...  
Jaline Yeh  ...  
Zaizai Lin  ...  
Chien-Chi Chen  ...  Composer
Fisher Yu  ...  Cinematographer
Xiao-dong Chen  ...  Editor
Summary: Nothing heals a damaged soul like the sight of a small,adorable animal. In director Gavin Lin's feature film debut IN CASE OF LOVE, a tiny cat not only heals a young woman (Haden Kuo) reeling from the death of her mother, it also helps her find love with a lonely rock musician

(Tony Yang, FORMULA 17). A pure love story in every sense of the word, IN CASE OF LOVE is a simple, heartwarming little movie about learning how to stand back up when life knocks us down.

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