Leun yan sui yu   2010   Hong Kong Lover's Discourse
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Director:Kwok Cheung Tsang, Chi-Man Wan
Studio:ET Movie Production
Writer:Kwok Cheung Tsang, Chi-Man Wan
IMDb Rating:6.5 (52 votes)
Duration:118 min
Languages:Cantonese, Mandarin
Kwok Cheung Tsang, Chi-Man Wan  ...  (Director)
Kwok Cheung Tsang, Chi-Man Wan  ...  (Writer)
Eason Chan  ...  Ray
Kar Yan Lam  ...  Nancy
Mavis Fan  ...  Kay
Jacky Heung  ...  Paul
Kay Tse  ...  Gigi
William Chan Wai-Ting  ...  Paul - young
Eddie Peng  ...  Sam
Carlos Chan  ...  Sam - young
Kit Chan  ...  Mrs. Lai
Eric Tsang  ...  Mr. Lai
Pete Wong  ...  Man in Bar
Charlie Lam  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Eason Chan and Kar Yan Lam have one of the sweetest onscreen movie kisses ever, great chemistry, and a wonderful opening act in this omnibus of four stories. Second story has a handful of very cute moments interrupted by several long, boring, indulgent fantasy sequences with a mannequin standing in for Eddie Pang. Really. WTF? Then a very classic styled soundtrack takes over for the last two segments to create phony tension amidst the uninspired, overly drawn out jealousy contributions. Mavis fan is pretty good at looking confused and bummed out, though. I enjoyed her.

Summary: Reuniting with a long-lost sweetheart provokes the nascent sense of love, the now-faded memory of heartbreaks, and odd discoveries of belonging to others. 'Lover’s Discourse' tells a cliché love story in an irresistibly sweet language. It shows us a multitude of hopes and the desperation of blind love, strange distances between partners, and a double affair. The story soon leads to the tangled threads of suspicion, jealousy, betrayal, and hatred.

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