Jian Shang Die   2011   China, Japan Rest on Your Shoulder
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Director:Chi Leung 'Jacob' Cheung
Studio:Scarecrow Studios
Writer:Chi Leung 'Jacob' Cheung, Polly Yeung
IMDb Rating:3.8 (36 votes)
Genre:Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Duration:121 min
Chi Leung 'Jacob' Cheung  ...  (Director)
Chi Leung 'Jacob' Cheung, Polly Yeung  ...  (Writer)
Kun Chen  ...  Guo
Yiyan Jiang  ...  Bao
Lunmei Kwai  ...  Lily
Gigi Leung  ...  Yang Lin
Ardy Lam  ...  Cinematographer
Shiu Hung Hui  ...  
Joe Hisaishi  ...  Composer
Eric Kong  ...  Editor
Comments: I growing more and more concerned about Lunmei Kwai's career, although she was excellent in Flying Swords of Dragon Gate.

Summary: Bao sacrifices herself, becoming a butterfly, to save her sick fiance and discovers in the process how true their love is.

In an unspecified time when epidemics run rampant, botanist Yan Guo (Aloys Chen) and his fiance-assistant Baobao (Zhang Yiyan) move to Moon Island, a nature reserve, to research the curing properties of rare plants. As is customary, they pray to the magical Eros Tree to cement their love, unaware that they have to undergo a severe trial, in which Baobao must remain unseen to Yan for three years in exchange for his life.

Baobao transforms into a butterfly, and like the Little Mermaid, she watches two other women – horticulturalist Bailan (Kueh Lun-Mei) and journalist Yang Lin (Gigi Leung) — court her lonely boyfriend, but cannot speak out her feelings. Cheung does not exploit the plot potential to create a melodramatic love quadrangle. Instead, he opts for a more down-to-earth, feel-good emotional arc by describing how Yan’s platonic friendship with the two women motivates a breakthrough in his research. – via reuters.com

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