Zhan Guo   2011   China The Warring States
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Director:Chen Jin
Studio:Beijing Starlit Movie and TV Culture
IMDb Rating:4.8 (322 votes)
Genre:Drama, War
Duration:126 min
Chen Jin  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Honglei Sun  ...  Sun Bin
Tian Jing  ...  Tian Xi
Hee-seon Kim  ...  Empress Pang
Francis Ng  ...  Pang Juan
Kiichi Nakai  ...  Duke of Qi
Wu Jiang  ...  Tian Ji
Degang Guo  ...  Emperor of Zhou
Enhe Feng  ...  Emperor of Wei
Jingwu Ma  ...  Prime Minister of Qi
Kesheng Lei  ...  Shangdafu of Qi
Jun Wu  ...  Jia Bo
Jiao Xu  ...  Gou Zi
Hao Hao  ...  Yu Zi
Hao Sun  ...  Pei Feng
Huang Haibing  ...  
Comments: Fascinating in how such talented actors can give such good performances in a film directed with so much story-telling incompetence.

Summary: The time is roughly 355 BC, in the middle of China’s “Warring States” period. Military strategists are a precious commodity and are often free agents – or, just as often, kidnapped for their expertise. That’s what happens with Sun Bin (Sun Honglei), the greatest student of the legendary Gui Guzi – he is first recruited by the Wei army to help them take a border city, and after that plan is successful, the daughter of the Qi general he defeated (Jiang Wu) has him kidnapped. That’s not so bad, though – Tian Xi (Jing Tian) is young, beautiful, and spirited, though initially not quite so taken with Sun Bin as he is with her.

However, this skirmish has made the other kingdoms nervous, and they come together to make peace. This reunites Bin with the general of Wei’sarmy, Pang Juan (Francis Ng). Juan is Gui Guzi’s other student and Bin’s sworn brother; his sister Fei (Kim Hee-seon) is the princess of Wei. Of course, there’s more going on than may first appear, and despite being a savant in the area of military strategy, Bin will likely be hurt by his nature as a trusting pacifist.

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