Jing Xiong Nu Xia Qiu Jin   2011   China The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake
The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake Image Cover
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Director:Herman Yau
Studio:National Arts Films Production
Writer:Erica Lee
IMDb Rating:6.2 (15 votes)
Duration:115 min
Herman Yau  ...  (Director)
Erica Lee  ...  (Writer)
Rose Chan  ...  
Kevin Cheng  ...  
Pat Ha  ...  
Yi Huang  ...  
Suet Lam  ...  
Yu-Hang To  ...  
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang  ...  
Chun Hung Mak  ...  Composer
Kwong-hung Chan  ...  Cinematographer
Wai Chiu Chung  ...  Editor
Comments: Fighting and feminism. This is a great film to recommend to your friends who don't generally like action movies but must occasionally share a movie experience with someone who does.

What a great character Qiu Jin – the first female revolutionary in Chinese history - turned out to be. Poet and sword fighter.

Summary: Qiu Jin – the first female revolutionist in Chinese history, left home after a big quarrel with her husband. As an admirer of Japanese culture after Meiji Reform, she uses all her money to study in Japan which then initiate Plain-language Paper to inculcate patriotic message; Kyoaikai (Tong Ai Association) to promote equality of man and woman. She then was introduced to Xu Xi Lin and work hand in running Da Tong Military School and paves way for the revolution. In 1907, their revolution fails. Qiu is chopped at age of 31. The Women Knight of Mirror Lake is remarkable in modern Chinese history.

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