Di yi ci   2012   China First Time
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Director:Han Yan
Studio:Edko Films
Writer:Han Yan
IMDb Rating:5.6 (6 votes)
Duration:106 min
Han Yan  ...  (Director)
Han Yan  ...  (Writer)
Angelababy  ...  Song Shiqiao
Mark Chao  ...  Gong Ning
Xuan Huang  ...  Li Rao
Yuan Tian  ...  Gu Qi, rock band member
Fai Young Chan  ...  Composer
Charlie Lam  ...  Cinematographer
Angie Lam  ...  Editor
Comments: Really inventive set pieces and design. Angelababy. What this (sort of) remake of …ing lacks in performance chops, it makes up for in eye-candy. The film is really almost worth watching just to witness how this director stages things--if you can overlook the "I am a mountain and you are the valley that runs through me" dialog.

Summary: College student Shi has a terminal illness. These are experiences she knows she'll probably never have, like falling in love. So when an old high school crush named Gong suddenly resurfaces, she is surprised and swept away by his interest in her. Because side effects of her medication cause Shi to suffer short-term memory loss, she recounts everything onto cassette tape to remember the details of their precious time together. But Shi doesn't know that her mother, wishing to give her a chance to experience romance before it's too late, actually hired Gong to pursue her.

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