Laan jin   2012   Hong Kong Cold War
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Director:Lok Man Leung, Kim-ching Luk
Studio:Edko Films
Writer:Lok Man Leung, Kim-ching Luk
IMDb Rating:6.7 (1,678 votes)
Awards:2 wins & 4 nominations
Genre:Action, Crime, Mystery
Duration:102 min
Lok Man Leung, Kim-ching Luk  ...  (Director)
Lok Man Leung, Kim-ching Luk  ...  (Writer)
Aaron Kwok  ...  Sean Lau
Tony Leung Ka Fai  ...  M.B. Waise Lee
Charlie Yeung  ...  Phoenix Leung
Lam Ka Tung Gordon  ...  Albert Kwong
Kar Lok Chin  ...  Vincent Tsui
Andy On  ...  Michael Shek
Terence Yin  ...  Man To
Andy Lau  ...  Philip Luk
Aarif Rahman  ...  Billy Cheung
Eddie Peng  ...  Joe Lee
Yili Ma  ...  Michelle Chan
Michael Wong  ...  York Tsang
Tony Ho  ...  William Ngai
J.J. Jia  ...  Janet
Grace Huang  ...  May Cheung
Peter Kam  ...  Composer
Jason Kwan  ...  Cinematographer
Kenny Tse  ...  Cinematographer
Chi-Leung Kwong  ...  Editor
Hoi Wong  ...  Editor
Ka Tung Lam  ...  Albert Kwong
Byron Mann  ...  Chan Bin
Alex Tsui  ...  Mathew Mak
Summary: Five police officers in Hong Kong are kidnapped. The police commissioner is on a business trip overseas. Two vice commissioners, Sean Rau and M.B. Lee, then take over the case. The two vice commissioners are rivals who both vie for the police commissioner seat. At first, M.B. Lee takes the lead in the case, but comes to a dead end. Sean Rau then takes the lead, but he falls into a trap. Both men are then investigated by the ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption).

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