Karuto   2013   Japan, Hong Kong Cult
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Director:Kôji Shiraishi
Studio:Next Media Animation (NMA)
Writer:Kôji Shiraishi
IMDb Rating:4.6 (116 votes)
Duration:84 min
Kôji Shiraishi  ...  (Director)
Kôji Shiraishi  ...  (Writer)
Yû Abiru  ...  
Mari Iriki  ...  
Mayuko Iwasa  ...  
Ryosuke Miura  ...  
Natsuki Okamoto  ...  
Sayuri Oyamada  ...  
Kuniaki Haishima  ...  Composer
Summary: Follows three aspiring actresses, several idols who play themselves who get hired to appear in a TV special about a psychic master exorcising some demons at a house shared by a kind, timid mother and daughter. The girls aren’t crazy about this idea, but they aren’t too sharp either, and besides, it’s work. So off they go to meet the psychic master.

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