Bai ri yan huo   2014   China, Hong Kong Black Coal, Thin Ice
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Director:Yi'nan Diao
Studio:Omnijoi Media
Writer:Yi'nan Diao
IMDb Rating:6.9 (53 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Duration:109 min
Yi'nan Diao  ...  (Director)
Yi'nan Diao  ...  (Writer)
Fan Liao  ...  Zhang Zili
Lun Mei Gwei  ...  Wu Zhizhen
Xuebing Wang  ...  Liang Zhijun
Jingchun Wang  ...  
Ailei Yu  ...  
Zi Wen  ...  Composer
Dong Jinsong  ...  Cinematographer
Hongyu Yang  ...  Editor
Comments: The film seems almost amateurish at first and in many ways throughout, but that is its integrity (eg., the scene when the cop asks for that guy's jacket and a gun falls out, or the way people think they can sneakily follow someone from only about ten paces back while making really loud crunching noises as they walk in the frozen snow), and ... and then Guey comes along. The scene where she's skating in the moonlight reached an operatic level that brought tears to my eyes.

Yi'nan Diao is a unique dude. Seeing this one helped me to understand and appreciate his earlier Night Train (Ye che) [2007]. In many ways he's a skilled, true punk

Worth the price of admission alone for the ice-skating scene alone. It's both very much of the film and quite other-worldly at the same time. It's beautifully done.

Summary: A detective linked a series of murders to a mysterious woman, only finding himself drawn to her helplessly. In the mean time, he slowly started to realize a murder case from five years ago was not solved after all.

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