2013   Hong Kong The Way We Dance
The Way We Dance Image Cover
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Director:Adam Wong
Studio:Eyes Front Pictures
Writer:Saville Chan, Adam Wong
IMDb Rating:7.4 (107 votes)
Awards:2 wins & 3 nominations
Duration:110 min
Adam Wong  ...  (Director)
Saville Chan, Adam Wong  ...  (Writer)
Singh Hartihan Bitto  ...  Worker
Babyjohn Choi  ...  Alan, Cheuk Leung
Janice Fan  ...  Rebecca
Tommy 'Guns' Ly  ...  Stormy
Cherry Ngan  ...  Fleur
Lok Man Yeung  ...  Dave
Siu-keung Cheng  ...  Cinematographer
Kevin Chan  ...  Editor
Adam Wong  ...  Editor
Comments: The Tai Chi parts are the best. Babyjohn dude is a riot.

Summary: Fa leaves behind her unsatisfactory life working at her parent's shop to enter a university. Fa's true calling is to dance and she joins the school's hip-hop club. Soon, Fa falls into the heated world of dance competitions and becomes involved in a complicated romance.

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