Gun dan ba! Zhong liu jun   2015   China Go Away Mr. Tumor
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Director:Han Yan
Studio:Wanda Media Co.
IMDb Rating:6.9 (380 votes)
Duration:85 min
Han Yan  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Joel Adrian  ...  Zombie
Baihe Bai  ...  (as Xue Bai)
Yuan Li  ...  
Temur Mamisashvili  ...  Zombie
Daniel Wu  ...  
Zi-Xuan Zhang  ...  Amy
Charlie Lam  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Should dump - it’s a Chinese flippy whoopy nonsense like Sophie’s Revenge

Summary: 'Go Away Mr. Tumor' is based on the famous Chinese comic series created by online cartoonist Xiong Dun, chronicling the darkest hours of her life in a lighter and more amusing way. While fighting a malignant tumor, she wrote what became an explosively popular story and inspired millions of people with her optimism and courage.

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