Tung baan tung hok   2015   Hong Kong Lazy Hazy Crazy
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Director:Yee-sum Luk
Studio:Making Film
Writer:Yee-sum Luk
IMDb Rating:5.3 (22 votes)
Awards:2 nominations
Duration:100 min
Yee-sum Luk  ...  (Director)
Yee-sum Luk  ...  (Writer)
Dada Chan  ...  
Fish Liew  ...  
Comments: I'm not sure if I should be enlightened or disturbed by the presentation of teenage girls involved in 'compensated dating'/prostitution as kind of sweet and danger free.

Not the disaster I thought it might be, though. In order to understand some of the interest in this flick you have to know it was directed by a woman. Then you have to ask yourself: wtf? Hong Kong's been playing the full frontal card a bit lately. I wonder if the young generation of HK are demanding it. The film would feel a little exploitative if a man directed it. There's lots of honest, raunchy witty dialog, and the film is made up of scenes, but I struggled to find a point (of view). Discussing the taste of cum gives the film an edge but to what end? There are many 'issues' glossed over and then interrupted by slice of life stuff or unimaginative plot moves. The one thing the film shows pretty well, but spoils the purity of it with random plot maneuvers, is that youthful thing of friendships which are as mean spirited as they are forgiving.

Summary: Childhood friends Tracy, Chloe and Alice share an apartment over the summer. They live close together, meet guys and sell their company as well as sex. With a romantic imagery and sometimes provocative theme the female debutant director Luk Yee-sum give the audience a playful story about sexuality, desire and friendship

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