2016   USA, China The Great Wall
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Director:Yimou Zhang
Studio:Legendary East
Writer:Thomas Tull, Max Brooks, Tony Gilroy, Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro
IMDb Rating:6.0 (76,183 votes)
Awards:1 win
Genre:Mystery, Thriller, TV Movie
Duration:104 min
Languages:English, Mandarin
Yimou Zhang  ...  (Director)
Thomas Tull, Max Brooks, Tony Gilroy, Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro  ...  (Writer)
Matt Damon  ...  William
Tian Jing  ...  Commander Lin Mae
Willem Dafoe  ...  Ballard
Andy Lau  ...  Strategist Wang
Pedro Pascal  ...  Tovar
Hanyu Zhang  ...  General Shao
Han Lu  ...  Peng Yong
Kenny Lin  ...  Commander Chen
Eddie Peng  ...  Commander Wu
Xuan Huang  ...  Commander Deng
Ryan Zheng  ...  Shen (as Zheng Kai)
Karry Wang  ...  Emperor (as Junkai Wang)
Cheney Chen  ...  Imperial Officer
Pilou Asbæk  ...  Bouchard
Numan Acar  ...  Najid
Ramin Djawadi  ...  Composer
Stuart Dryburgh  ...  Cinematographer
Xiaoding Zhao  ...  Cinematographer
Mary Jo Markey  ...  Editor
Craig Wood  ...  Editor
Comments: I watched this the same night as Alien: Covenant. This movie has better alien monsters, but I felt sorry for Andy Lau being tasked with holding them off by pointing a rock at them. Fans of spectacle and technique will find much to enjoy here, as will fans of the silly hero story with veiled commentary we've seen countless times. There's silly banter worthy of a grin sprinkled throughout. All I needed was the monsters. This is a very well done "who cares" movie. Don't be afraid.

Summary: A mystery centered around the construction of the Great Wall of China.

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