Hei chu you shen me   2015   China What’s in the Darkness
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Director:Yichun Wang
Studio:Xiao Mi Pictures Co., HH Pictures Co.
Writer:Yichun Wang
IMDb Rating:6.2 (144 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Crime, Family
Duration:100 min
Yichun Wang  ...  (Director)
Yichun Wang  ...  (Writer)
Su Xiaotong  ...  Jing
Guo Xiao  ...  Qu Zhicheng
Lu Qiwei  ...  Zhang Xue
Liu Dan  ...  
Deng Gang  ...  
Wang Zhengping  ...  
Zhou Kui  ...  
Zhao Long  ...  Director of Photography
Chen Bingfeng  ...  Editor
Liu Guang  ...  Editor
Tu Xiaocha  ...  Music
Zhang Xiaobing  ...  Production Design
Chen Guang  ...  Set Decoration
Xu Zhen  ...  Costume Design
Wu Yujie  ...  Sound
Zhu Xiao  ...  Assistant Director
Wang Hai  ...  Assistant Director
Wei Liyuan  ...  Assistant Director
Tang Danian  ...  Executive Producer
Dan Liu  ...  
Xiaotong Su  ...  
Long Zhao  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: This is one of those Chinese rural life movies where you can't be sure if it's done with good actors acting like it's done with real villagers or if it's done with real villagers trying to act. A young girl's coming of age/sexual awakening against a backdrop of grisly rape murders. The girl approaches both with a fearless inquisitiveness. Hmm. Generational differences and changing morals are also explored. "Don't sit on the back of a bike with your legs open. It's not a good look."

Summary: In the summer of 1991, a rape case broke the peace of a small town. The fathers of two girls in the local middle school were the policemen in charge of the case. Nevertheless, they had very different working styles: QU's father was a stubborn legal medical expert always insisting on ironclad evidence, while ZHANG's father, a retired soldier, handled cases relying on his intuition and often extorted confessions through torture. The supposed criminal was caught by ZHANG's father yet similar cases kept happening. Nobody noticed ZHANG's disappearance since she was kicked out of class.

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