Zhuo mi cang   2016   China Hide and Seek
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Director:Jie Liu
Studio:Village Roadshow Pictures Asia
Writer:Jie Liu, Peng Ren
IMDb Rating:6.3 (27 votes)
Genre:Mystery, Thriller
Duration:105 min
Jie Liu  ...  (Director)
Jie Liu, Peng Ren  ...  (Writer)
Wallace Huo  ...  
Hailu Qin  ...  
Regina Wan  ...  
Zijian Dong  ...  
Jessie Li  ...  (as Chun Xia)
Ran Li  ...  Cinematographer
Shan Gao  ...  Editor
Joe Lewis  ...  Jia Hui (voice)
Comments: Remake of a bad movie

Summary: A man lives in a lovely apartment with his wife and 2 children. He is obsessed with cleanliness, has strange dreams and struggles with a mystery in his past. He goes to a bad part of town hunting for a long lost brother, leaving his wife and children in their car. As he tries to get cooperation from neighbors, the wife finds her children are missing. A stranger wearing a dark motorcycle helmet appears, frightening her. As the story unfolds this stranger follows them becoming more and more threatening.

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