2017   Hong Kong The Empty Hands
The Empty Hands Image Cover
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Director:Chapman To
Studio:HK Film Production
Writer:Erica Lee, Chapman To
IMDb Rating:6.1 (163 votes)
Awards:2 wins & 2 nominations
Genre:Drama, TV Movie
Duration:87 min
Chapman To  ...  (Director)
Erica Lee, Chapman To  ...  (Writer)
Stephen Au  ...  Mute Dog
Dada Chan  ...  Mari Hirasawa's friend
Yasuaki Kurata  ...  Deceased father
Stephy Tang  ...  Mari Hirakawa
Chapman To  ...  Chan Keung
Veronica Lee  ...  Composer
Wai Kai Tam  ...  Cinematographer
Allen Leung  ...  Editor
Comments: Stephy is a Karate protegé (she's half Japanese in the film) who shuns it after she feels she's pushed too far. Then some stuff happens and she has to simply live through a three ring match in order to keep her home. Hero to Zero to Hero.

Reminds me of why I've lost track of what Hong Kong is doing cinematically. Me and Hong Kong don't jibe. I never really get the sense that the people are characters in some scenario that happens to be filmed. Everybody looks American to me, like actors are acting in a film for another notch in their bedpost towards stardom. So all the acting is awful (no matter how cute and plucky Stephy Tang may be). And the film flops around from mood to mood for Hong Kong reasons, I guess. So the direction is awful. I watched and skipped through this with a wrinkled face.

Summary: Half Japanese Hong Kong girl Mari Hirakawa who succeeds karate school after tragic death of her Karate master and father encounters ex-karate student, ex-yakuza Chan Keung who also succeeds the half of her father's karate dojo. Then, Chan Keung retrains Mari for being a true heritage owner of the karate school.

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