Big bo yau waak   2003   Hong Kong My Horny Girl Friend
My Horny Girl Friend Image Cover
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Director:Patrick Leung
Studio:Matrix Productions
Writer:Lee Hai
IMDb Rating:5.3 (64 votes)
Duration:90 min
Patrick Leung  ...  (Director)
Lee Hai  ...  (Writer)
Bessie Ming-Kwan Chan  ...  Pamila (as Ming Kwan Chan)
Yumi Hirano  ...  Dawn
Grace Lam  ...  Grace
Wai Kin Lam  ...  Gordon (as Oscar Lam)
Wen-Wei Lin  ...  Eddie
Summary: Grace nearly drowns before she is saved by a handsome lifeguard named Gordon. She falls for Gordon and decides to take lifeguarding lessons. However, Gordon falls in love with Pamila. Grace is aided by Eddie and Dawn, but they are unable to separate Gordon and Pamila. In fact, Eddie has romantic feelings for Grace but has had a one night stand with Dawn... The relationships quickly get complicated, how can it all get sorted out?

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