2007   Canada Here Is What Is
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Director:Daniel Lanois, Adam Samuels, Adam Vollick
Studio:422190 Ontario
IMDb Rating:8.1 (50 votes)
Duration:90 min
Daniel Lanois, Adam Samuels, Adam Vollick  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Brady Blade  ...  Himself
Brian Blade  ...  Himself
Aaron Embry  ...  Himself
Brian Eno  ...  Himself
Garth Hudson  ...  Himself
Daniel Lanois  ...  Himself
Willie Nelson  ...  Himself
Billy Bob Thornton  ...  Himself
U2  ...  Themselves
Adam Vollick  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: "I walk into a room and assess what I have access to: Mostly people-wise, but also the room itself. Then I maximize the room"

Genius types are often as off-putting as they are awe-inspiring.

Lanois has an aggressively awkward punk and steel guitar lilting sense of rhythm. It's almost uncomfortable to witness but it's so in-the-pocket it's beautiful. He's a musician first but ultimately a sonic manipulator.

Everyone should see this guy play the mixing board. Not just popping beats, he creates rhythms and melodies using faders on a dozen manipulated pedal steel tracks warping around Brian Blade's drums --and describes what he's doing as he does it. You can see everything is in his body. It's adorable, arty, and odd. On Vimeo at about 41:30.

His resumé is nuts. He gets the best out of people, maximizes the room.

Neville Brothers meet this quiet army, Canadian. After working with the Neville Bros he said: "we don't know what bass is in Canada".

Summary: A behind-the-scenes look at Grammy-winning Canadian composer and record producer Daniel Lanois.

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