2004   United States The Fog of War
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Director:Errol Morris
Studio:Sony Pictures Classics, RadicalMedia, SenArt Films
IMDb Rating:8.1 (23,748 votes)
Awards:14 wins & 16 nominations total, Won 1 Oscar
Genre:Documentary, Biography, History
Duration:107 min
Errol Morris  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Robert McNamara  ...  Self
Fidel Castro  ...  Self
Barry Goldwater  ...  Self
Lyndon B. Johnson  ...  Self
John F. Kennedy  ...  Self
Nikita Khrushchev  ...  Self
Curtis LeMay  ...  Self
Errol Morris  ...  Interviewer
Richard Nixon  ...  Self
Harry Reasoner  ...  Self - TV interviewer
Franklin D. Roosevelt  ...  Self
Woodrow Wilson  ...  Self
Philip Glass  ...  Composer
Robert Chappell  ...  Cinematographer
Peter Donahue  ...  Cinematographer
Doug Abel  ...  Editor
Chyld King  ...  Editor
Karen Schmeer  ...  Editor
Comments: Nice Philip Glass score. Seems most of what Bob has to say is common knowledge by now. Might have been different in 2004. Biggest complaint is Bob is not pleasant to look at for 107 minutes.

Summary: Former corporate whiz kid Robert McNamara was the controversial Secretary of Defense in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, during the height of the Vietnam War. This Academy Award-winning documentary, augmented by archival footage, gives the conflicted McNamara a platform on which he attempts to confront his and the U.S. government's actions in Southeast Asia in light of the horrors of modern warfare, the end of ideology and the punitive judgment of history.

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