2021   South Korea Blackpink: The Show
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Studio:YG Entertainment
IMDb Rating:8.8 (335 votes)
Genre:Music, Concert Film
Duration:87 min
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Jisoo Kim  ...  
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Comments: I watched a couple of the money grabs about The Show (and more) before actually seeing The Show

Still like 'em. They all have impeccable armpits, amongst other qualities

Summary: A real journey into the quartet's sound and aesthetic, and the ways they've transformed over the years. The four members -- Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa -- each got her own chance to shine, while also proving the magic of their unity in live versions of songs old and new.

1 Kill This Love
2 Crazy Over You
3 How You Like That
4 Don't Know What To Do
5 Playing with Fire
6 Lovesick Girls
7 Habits (Stay High) (Jisoo solo)
8 Say So (Lisa solo)
9 Sour Candy
10 Love To Hate Me
11 You Never Know
12 Solo (Jennie solo)
13 Gone (Rosé solo)
14 Pretty Savage
15 Ddu-Du Ddu-Du
16 Whistle
17 As If It's Your Last
18 Boombayah
19 Forever Young

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