2018   UK Bowie Glastonbury 2000
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Director:Janet Fraser-Crook
IMDb Rating:8.3 (20 votes)
Genre:Music, Concert Film
Duration:60 min
Janet Fraser-Crook  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
David Bowie  ...  Self - Performer
Earl Slick  ...  Self - Musician
Mark Plati  ...  Self - Musician
Gail Ann Dorsey  ...  Self - Musician
Sterling Campbell  ...  Self - Musician
Mike Garson  ...  Self - Musician
Holly Palmer  ...  Self - Musician
Emm Gryner  ...  Self - Musician
Comments: 1. Wild Is the Wind - 00:24
2. China Girl - 7:17
3. Changes - 11:34
4. Stay
5. Life on Mars? - 15:32
6. Absolute Beginners
7. Ashes to Ashes - 20:11
8. Rebel Rebel - 25:30
9. Little Wonder
10. Golden Years
11. Fame
12. All the Young Dudes
13. The Man Who Sold the World
14. Station to Station
15. Starman - 37:30
16. Hallo Spaceboy
17. Under Pressure

18. *Ziggy Stardust - 42:12
19. Heroes - 46:01
20. Let's Dance - 52:03
21. I'm Afraid of Americans

Summary: On Sunday 25th June 2000, David Bowie closed Glastonbury with a two-hour performance. Only half an hour or so of that stunning set was broadcast on BBC television that night at Bowie's insistence. At the time, the BBC were heavily criticised for coming off Bowie after broadcasting the first five songs of the set live and only returning for a couple of encore songs at the end of the show. Fortunately the cameras kept rolling and captured the whole set.

This programme features an hour of highlights from that performance, including such previously unbroadcast hits as Ashes to Ashes, Starman and Let's Dance. Bowie was returning to the festival for the first time since 1971. His star was not in the ascendant after the Tin Machine era and such 90s solo albums as Outside, Earthling and Hours. But from the moment he walked out on the Pyramid Stage, resplendent in an Alexander McQueen frock coat with his hair in Hunky Dory mode, and launched into Wild is the Wind, it was clear that he had decided to embrace and fully restate both his catalogue and his legend. Arguably it was Bowie's greatest live performance since the 70s.

After a heart attack in June 2004 while at the end of the 110-plus dates of A Reality Tour, Bowie never played live with a band again. His final stage performance was at a private Aids benefit show with pianist Mike Garson in 2006.

Although filmed in 2000, this edit was released in 2018.

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