2005   USA Ashes and Snow
Ashes and Snow Image Cover
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Director:Gregory Colbert
Studio:Flying Elephants Productions
Writer:Gregory Colbert
IMDb Rating:8.2 (1,209 votes)
Duration:63 min
Languages:English, Japanese, Spanish
Gregory Colbert  ...  (Director)
Gregory Colbert  ...  (Writer)
Laurence Fishburne  ...  Narrator
Ken Watanabe  ...  Japanese Voice
Acacio Almeido  ...  Cinematographer
Giorgos Arvanitis  ...  Cinematographer
Gregory Colbert  ...  Cinematographer
Koji Nakemura  ...  Cinematographer
Philippe Vene  ...  Cinematographer
Jeanne Moreau  ...  French Narrator
Enrique Rocha  ...  Spanish Narrator
Michael Brook  ...  Composer
Patrick Cassidy  ...  Composer
David Darling  ...  Composer
Lisa Gerrard  ...  Composer
Jóhann Jóhannsson  ...  Composer
Pietro Scalia  ...  Editor
Summary: Photographic artworks by Gregory Colbert that explores the natural interaction between man and other animals. Since 1992, Colbert has undertaken more than 30 expeditions to such far-flung locales as India, Egypt, Burma and Kenya to photograph the interaction between humans and other animals. The culmination of those expeditions, Ashes and Snow, premiered in 2002 at the Arsenale in Venice, Italy, to a record 100,000 visitors, making it the largest solo exhibition ever mounted in that country.

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