2008 Wild Nights • A Night in the Savana
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Studio:Discovery Channel
IMDb Rating:8.0 (15 votes)
Duration:100 min
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Summary: Part 1 - A Night Underwater

This film shows us the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Thanks to the lightnings especially conceived for this program, we see a whole magic world that appears in front of our eyes:

The delicate nautile, truly a live fossil, which, each night, goes up more than 800 meters from the depths to nourish itself.

When the sharks show up, it is already too late because they are the uncontested masters of the reef, their favorite hunting ground.

Down there we find a parrot fish, which developed an incredible defence tactic: it produces a mucus cocoon which effectively protects it from predators during its sleep.

And, during an evening with full moon, there is the magic in the abyss: the corals, at the same time, release their eggs, which rise gracefully in the water, resembling snow.

Part 2 - A Night in the Savana

The evening falls on the South-African plains.

Soon, the world of the night wakes up. Using high definition video cameras, the night life in the savana comes to life. Several other camera-types were used: heat cameras, infra-red cameras, remote-controlled cameras and specially made lightning rigs.

In this way, for example, the serval which found a prey in the dead of the night could be filmed, and a very poisonous tree snake.

Later, we will surprise the leopard which had his prey stolen by a female.

All night, many species will cross and clash, many of the scenes shown being strong and seldom filmed to date.

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